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PhD Diploma From The School Of Hard Knocks

PhD Diploma From The School Of Hard Knocks

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As we all know, The School Of Hard Knocks has one of the most difficult curricula of any school in the world, and you can now give the gift of a PhD from this prestigious university!

This authentic-looking diploma is printed on the same high-quality paper that the top schools in the world use for their diplomas and come with an official gold foil seal that will look great framed in any room.

Signed by both the President Of Perpetual Hard Knocks as well as the Dean Of Adversity, this PhD degree will light up any room and become the center of the conversation.

The diploma reads "PhD in Street Smarts & Learning The Hard Way With A Minor In Picking Yourself Up By The Bootstraps". This hard-fought degree is indeed a gag gift that money can't buy!


Bragging about where you went to school and what your degree is in has been a pastime for people for hundreds of years, and no school has a better reputation for teaching valuable lessons in life.

The perfect gag gift for that person who seems to have everything! Great for your spouse, your best friend, co-workers, your boss, or even yourself! No reason why you can't give yourself the most valuable gift in the world.....a PdD from The School Of Hard Knocks!

Personalization & shipping are also included, so don't delay. Perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season!

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